Epiphany Personal Air Vehicle

The Flying Car You Have Been Waiting For

Key Benefits and Features of RingWing™ Thrusters:

► Enhanced safety for people and pets on the ground
► Protection in the air from branches, birds, etc.
► Light weight, small size (very low length-to-diameter ratio)
► Unconventional airfoil shaped ring designed with field-proven, proprietary CFD software
► Unique ability to produce force vectors and moments for aircraft propulsion and control
► Fixed-pitch, ground-adjustable fan blades (for local density-altitude optimization)
► Exceptionally high specific thrust (2X free-prop thrust)
► Useful translational lift during low-speed flight
► Efficient (low drag) aerodynamic lift during high-speed cruise flight
► Low noise (fan blades are never stalled or “go” transonic)
► Future active noise cancellation (ANC) potential for whisper quiet operations